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2017 - 2018 AHS PTSA


Executive Board Members


President Carrie Holmes
Vice President - Programs Robin Hylton
Vice President - Membership Norma Foti
Treasurer  Maria Cruz
Secretary Margaret Kindling
Principal Tim Thomas


Committee Chairs


ANGC Co-Chairs Alyssa Getsey
ANGC Mulch Ki Hatch
ANGC Food Cheryl Corcoran
Above and Beyond Maryann Germaine
ATOMail  Andy Butler
Back to School Night  Pam McCarthy
Bylaws Chair  OPEN 
Communications  OPEN
Community Service Rep  OPEN 
Directory Coordinator Robin Hylton
Facebook Editor Rita Zimmerman
Flower Sale Coordinator OPEN
Freshman Orientation Coordinator Karen Curtin
Hospitality Chair OPEN
Information Carrie Holmes
Online Auction Kimberly Bellem
School Parent Liaison Office Coordinator Carrie Holmes
Reflections (State and Natl) Carrie Holmes
Programs Chair Robin Hylton
Senior Reflections Ceremony OPEN
Retail Reward Program Coordinator Maryann Germaine
SAT/ACT Prep Karen Curtain
Scholarships and Awards Coordinator OPEN
School Improvement Plan Rep OPEN
Student Faculty Staff Liaison  Christine Gloninger & Hassan Mims 
Special Education Liaison Jane Winant
Student and Faculty Support (Grants) Margaret Kindling
Student Representative Coordinator Robin Hylton
Summer Packet Coordinator Carrie Holmes
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Webmaster Stephanie Muth