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2017 PTSA of the YEAR





AHS PTSA was named the 2017 PTSA of the Year, Secondary Division, NOVA District VA PTA at the Annual Awards Dinner Meeting held at Annandale High School on March 30th.


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this award possible. Our collective efforts through fundraising, staff appreciation, community outreach, parent and student engagement, and awarding of scholarships and teacher/student grants demonstrate AHS PTSA's commitment to "Every Child, One Voice".


Thanks to Chef G and the culinary arts students for the wonderful meal and to all the talented student performers who provided beautiful music.


Go Atoms!







Culinary Arts Students Andrew Nunez, Jeff Ha,

Kevin Aviles, Kevin Choi, Dyland Chu and

Malik Moten

Annandale Strings Gabe Husman, Nilee Kerr,

Caryl Pagulayan, Makayla Reynolds and Christina

Tran w/ Debbie Kilpatrick



Savannah Gravitt and Beckman Hollis

Debbie Kilpatrick, NOVA District Director,

Robin Hylton, AHS PTSA VP of Programs,

Norma Foti, AHS PTSA VP of Membership

and AHS Principal Tim Thomas