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Adult and Community Education (ACE)


Boys/Girls State

Camp Kesem

Institute for the Arts (IFTA)

Mason Game & Technology Academy (MGTA)

Teen TV and Radio Summer Camps


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Adult and Community Education (ACE)

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Extended Day Enrichment Classes will be held Monday, July 10 through Friday, August 4 at Lake Braddock Secondary School and will begin after IFTA, E-IFTA, Tech Adventure Camp, and STEM Camp end. These programs are for students currently in grades 1–11 and provide a continuum of activities for students who want additional programs and activities. Programs include Foreign Language Experience Program (FLEX), Culinary Adventure Camp, Language Immersion Camp, Creative Writing, Computer Graphics, Chess, Learning Across the USA ESOL Camp. Registration remains open until classes are filled. For more info, click here.


Americorps has launched a creative new stream of service, called AmeriCorps Affiliate.

Distinct from other AmeriCorps programs, AmeriCorps Affiliate engages youth as young as 14 years of age in national service and includes a new 100-hour service term. The program allows organizations to leverage funding from outside sources to address critically unmet community needs across the country. AmeriCorps Affiliate participants who complete their term of service receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, to help pay for college and other education expenses.

After launching the pilot in 2016, we are now expanding the program and considering additional requests to designate positions as National Service positions. we have identified the following opportunities for growth:

  • Scale existing summer and service learning programs;
  • Work with corporations interested in developing models related to their workforce;
  • Engage higher education institutions that can utilize work study awards; or
  • Partner with health care institutions who can utilize their charity care dollars.

Learn more about AmeriCorps Affiliate here

Boys State/Girls State

11th grade students interested in Government, Politics, Leadership and Civic Engagement, apply to be a part of Boys/Girls State. Run by the American Legion on Virginia, the week-long summer program is a leadership action program that exposes participants “to the rights and privileges, the duties and the responsibilities of a franchised citizen.”

Dates June 18-24, 2017:
Boys State at Radford University
Girls State at Longwood University

For more info:
Virginia Boys State
Virginia Girls State

Boys and Girls State applications are to be sent to Ms. Templer or Mr. Vitelli . Please submit applications by the end of 2nd quarter, February 3rd.

To apply, go to the Annandale HS website at:

If you have any questions contact Ms. Templer or Mr. Vitelli.

Boys/Girls State info flyer


Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem at James Madison University is a unique resource for children whose parents or guardians have been diagnosed with cancer. Camp Kesem JMU will offer its first annual camp in August of 2017, and we are hoping to host around thirty campers from throughout the area. Our camp is offered free of charge, and is open to any 6-16 year old who has, or has had, a parent or primary caregiver with cancer.

JMU is one of 86 active Camp Kesem chapters throughout the United States, and our program is staffed by student volunteers from JMU. As a national organization, Camp Kesem has over 15 years of experience bringing top quality programs that have a significant impact on children and families. Our camps are designed to allow children the opportunity to find support, have fun, and feel safe, loved, and respected.


For more information, click here.

Institute for the Arts (IFTA)

Institute for the Arts (IFTA) will be held Monday, July 10–Thursday, August 3 at Lake Braddock Secondary School from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday. IFTA is an arts enrichment program for students currently in grades 6-11. Students are scheduled into 4 classes which they choose from over 80 courses in dance, music, theatre and visual art. Students entering grades 9-12 may take the Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance course as one of their 4 classes. Registration is open until Friday, June 2, 2017.  For more information, click here.

Mason Game & Technology Academy

One of the fastest growing and most transformational community programs in the region today, the Mason Game & Technology Academy (MGTA) integrates all of the STEM core competencies in a challenging, fun, and engaging way. This program combines both the sciences and the arts, with creative & critical thinking and problem solving skills.


MGTA is the Community Outreach Youth Program for the University’s Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI) and the Mason Computer Game Design Program. Courses are developed and taught by Mason faculty, who are assisted by advanced Game Design and Computer Science university students – many of whom have start up companies of their own at VSGI, serving as mentors to the next wave of tech entrepreneurs.

We are introducing our first next-gen Virtual Reality courses for Game Design and Minecraft Modding. In the new Intro to Virtual Reality Game Development, students will learn to create their now virtual reality experience using Google Cardboard and the HTC Vive.

Our Minecraft Modding course just got better - Using the HTC Vive, Minecrafters will create new content for the game they love and experience their mods in virtual reality – break blocks by swinging your hands, pet animals, shoot your bow, play as an ant or giant!

Do you want to create your very own music player to share with friends? The course Mobile App Development: Android will guide students as they make their own, inspired by the popular Apps Spotify and Apple Music.

The popular course Personal CyberDefense will teach students how to protect their computers from viruses and attacks, and engage in competitive team based exercises that will help them prepare for national competitions.

For Illustrative Python alumni who wish to take their python programming skills to the next level, we will be offering Computer Game Programming with Python. This unique programming course will allow students to develop their technical skills and engage their creative problem solving abilities as they challenge their imagination to create simple, textual, and graphical based computer games using Python.

One of our most popular courses is back: Digital Art for Games. Students will receive general and intermediary digital painting lessons using Photoshop and Wacom Digital drawing tablets, and they will have fun as they learn to recreate their favorite game characters, or create their very own!

Finally, for those students who want to learn how to build their own dream computer: our Intro to Hardware workshops can get you started. Whether a computer runs Windows, Mac, Linux, or other OS, all computers use the same hardware. This course will cover all the essential components of a computer system, their purpose and functions, as you build a computer in class using our demo machines, or design your own. These workshops will begin after our classes end: April 30th, May 7, and May 14.

Course sizes are limited, so visit us soon and register:


Teen TV and Radio Summer Camps



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