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Student Opportunities  

Adult and Community Education (ACE)

ACE classes emphasize career and work readiness along with premier adult ESOL programs. You will find a wide range of training opportunities in apprenticeship, business, information technology, health and medical, and trade and industrial programs. ACE also offer enrichment programs for K-adult including culinary arts, driver education, and world languages. ACE strive to provide our students with enriching programs that are high quality, affordable, and meet their educational goals. ACE supports the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate and the Strategic Plan--Ignite--incorporating best practices in teaching and learning. For more info, click here.


Americorps has launched a creative new stream of service, called AmeriCorps Affiliate.

Distinct from other AmeriCorps programs, AmeriCorps Affiliate engages youth as young as 14 years of age in national service and includes a new 100-hour service term. The program allows organizations to leverage funding from outside sources to address critically unmet community needs across the country. AmeriCorps Affiliate participants who complete their term of service receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, to help pay for college and other education expenses.

After launching the pilot in 2016, we are now expanding the program and considering additional requests to designate positions as National Service positions. we have identified the following opportunities for growth:

  • Scale existing summer and service learning programs;
  • Work with corporations interested in developing models related to their workforce;
  • Engage higher education institutions that can utilize work study awards; or
  • Partner with health care institutions who can utilize their charity care dollars.

Learn more about AmeriCorps Affiliate here

Mason Game & Technology Academy

One of the fastest growing and most transformational community programs in the region today, the Mason Game & Technology Academy (MGTA) integrates all of the STEM core competencies in a challenging, fun, and engaging way. This program combines both the sciences and the arts, with creative & critical thinking and problem solving skills.


MGTA is the Community Outreach Youth Program for the University’s Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI) and the Mason Computer Game Design Program. Courses are developed and taught by Mason faculty, who are assisted by advanced Game Design and Computer Science university students – many of whom have start up companies of their own at VSGI, serving as mentors to the next wave of tech entrepreneurs.

For the most up to date information, click here